From Noise to Harmony: Reduce False Positives and Automate with Confidence

November 16th 10:00AM CT // 3:00PM GMT

False positives in AppSec testing can create system noise that prevents security testing from running at full speed. Many organizations falsely believe that false positives are just a part of DAST.

Join us for a discussion on the chaos caused by false positives and how Proof-Based Scanning reduces false positives by verifying 94% of direct impact vulnerabilities with 99.98% confidence.

Register for a deep dive on:

  • The problem of noise in application security testing
  • A technical explanation of why false positives occur in dynamic testing
  • How Netsparker eliminates noise and creates AppSec harmony with Proof-Based Scanning


Laura Paine
Director of Product Marketing, Invicti
Mark Schembri
Solutions Engineer Team Lead, Invicti